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Hi, We’re hiring a full-time developer (or contractor) in the US. It’s all Clojure and Clojurescript. If you like dynamic and data-driven architectures, I’d love to talk to you. QUALIFICATIONS • Two years or more with frontend technologies and programming • Some experience and familiarity with ClojureScript (or Clojure and other frontend technology) • Experience with React and modern approaches for building a SPA (Single Page App) • Comfortable working at a startup, prior startup experience (fast-paced, rapid iteration, evolving requirements) • An understanding and preference for data-driven architectures • Must have ideas and opinions. What do you want to explore? • Bonus: Any experience with the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry is appreciated. Have you worked in the AEC industry before? Have you engaged in your own home renovations? Have you changed a light fixture or painted your home? Anything?  • Bonus: Any experience with Datomic • Bonus: WebGL / three.js or Unity Engine development • Bonus: Experience with Fulcro, EQL or other graph querying, CQRS FUNCTIONS • Shape our user-facing Clojure, ClojureScript, and Datomic stack • Participate in all phases of the work: design, coding, debugging, documentation, etc • Performs system analysis and programming activities that may require research • Help to gather requirements from the product, marketing, and operations teams • Responsibility for managing your own tasks and sprints Full job post: Apply through that link or email me. Marc Limotte CTO & Co-founder, Skipp

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“Experience with React and modern approaches for building a SPA (Single Page App)” React (and its engineers) have not a clue what they are about. But hey maybe that is modern…

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