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Well, if you started the server process from a REPL it'd be pretty easy to figure out it's host/port. 🙂

Daniel Slutsky06:05:40

Thanks! 🙂 My use case was being able to add a middleware at runtime, from a function call at the runtime itself (rather than from CIDER/Calva). This way, libraries would be able to add middleware without needing any editor-specific setup. (Does it make sense to desire that?) (Anyway, for me this use case is on hold at the moment. In the thread above, I decided to rely on other methods to listen to user evaluations, for now -- just to avoid the setup details that caused some confusion. I'm hoping to explore the nREPL middeware option again in the future.)


@daslu Why do you need to extract those from the runtime? After all that's usually static type of information that's known at connection time.


--ack ACK-PORT              Acknowledge the port of this server to another nREPL server running on ACK-PORT.


But I doubt that's what you're looking for.