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Daniel Slutsky17:06:44

Following nREPL requests during my CIDER sessions, I see that cider-eval-buffer sometimes results in :op "load-file", but sometimes (on some sessions) it actually results in :op "eval" , where the request looks like the following (omitting the :session member for brevity):

 #object[nrepl.middleware.load_file$wrap_load_file$fn$reify__1455 0x7732719a "nrepl.middleware.load_file$wrap_load_file$fn$reify__1455@7732719a"],
 :op "eval",
 :id "991",
 :session ...,
 "(try (clojure.lang.Compiler/load ( ((clojure.core/deref (clojure.core/deref (var nrepl.middleware.load-file/file-contents))) (quote [\"/path/to/my/clojure/file.clj\" G__23397]))) \"/path/to/my/clojure/file.clj\" \"file.clj\") (finally (clojure.core/swap! (clojure.core/deref (var nrepl.middleware.load-file/file-contents)) clojure.core/dissoc (quote [\"/path/to/my/clojure/file.clj\" G__23397]))))"}
I coulndn't put the finger on what may have happened in my setup that made this happen. Any idea why this happens? (It is not necessarily a problem. I'm just wondering if this is typical, and if I should expect more kinds of behaviors when evaluating buffers.) 🙏