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@eraserhd Hey, very cool. Feel free to add it to my new package manager: Just curious, why is the C version more maintainable for you?


GraalVM is very hard to build from scratch. In Nixpkgs, which is my preferred package manager, it has never worked on Mac OS, even though people have spent weeks trying to get it to build and work. It worked on Linux for a few weeks after someone put in a hurculean effort to get it to build, but then it broke and nobody wants to deal with it.


I see, thanks


This means that I can't put Graal-built packages into Nixpkgs, because nix requires everything built from source. Or at least wants that very strongly.


Some of my GraalVM binaries do have nix packages, maintained by others


They do this by starting with the uberjar, but I'm not sure how they proceed


I'm checking clj-kondo on NixOS right now... yeah it doesn't work now :/


Maybe we can kick somebody's butt at Oracle?


is this because of the graalvm 8 -> 11 change of both packages? I haven't had contact with the people behind those packages


Oh, sorry... I'm on bleeding edge Nixpkgs because I contribute to it a lot. It might work on the last stable.


I think there might actually also be a binary graal package for the "enterprise edition". If clj-kondo uses that, it might still work on stable.