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@pez Orchard is a regular library. Hacking on it is pretty natural IMO. Just take a look at .


@bozhidar, I’ve gotten that far. 😄 I should have been clearer… What I’d like to setup is so that I can run my end-to-end, from the editor and explore what happens down there in info.clj. If that’s possible.


@pez I just develop it like any other library and test the changes in the REPL, while hacking on something. Alternatively you can rebuild cider-nrepl with the snapshot of orchard and test your changes end-to-end in this manner.


Yeah, I’ll just have to figure out why my lein install of cider-nrepl isn’t used. I’m doing it the “just another library way” now. Added this test: If you have feedback to an orchard noob, please don’t hesitate. 😃


I have isolated the problem down to that meta/ns-meta relies on (ns-publics) to give it something to get a var out of, and then run (var-meta) on that to get the file path. So then if the namespace doesn’t have any publics we get get a nil file entry. A brute fix is this

(defn ns-meta
  (when ns
     (meta ns)
     {:ns (ns-name ns)
      :name (ns-name ns)
      :file (or (-> (ns-publics ns)
                 (ns/canonical-source ns)
      :line 1})))
But it feels like there should be something more elegant/safe… What do you guys think?