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Did you get anywhere? :)


I am working around it for my own needs for now. Part of the problem for me was that I came in to it with the wrong expectations. Thinking that there ought to be a way to tell cider-nrepl to load the namespaces I was asking it to test for me. But it seems that Cider users are used to loading the -test namespaces themselves. Right now I am trying to figure out how to load the -test namespace when Calva runs tests for a namespace. There is a curious lack of a load-ns op. ­čśâ


Regarding orchard/query I can fiddle some with it once I have gotten this Calva behaviour down. At least try to find out if there is a bug there with the project? key, if that would help you?


Fwiw, I don't always put my tests in -test, so make sure to test the current ns too.


If you're happy, don't go out of your way :)


I think I prefer your solution anyway.


Forgot to update on this. I solved my issue w/o relying on that load-project-ns? thing. Thanks for help and encouragement!