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Pieter Koornhof05:12:53

Jumped onto clerk today. Seems great. Is there an existing way to link between notebook files? a menu of some sort in the browser? (instead of having to run (clerk/show!)

Tom H.04:12:48

I’m just getting started and not sure how to do it yet but it would be cool to set the viewer for the ns form to be a little navigation widget

Tom H.04:12:02

or maybe that’s not possible easy as it just returns nil?


you can currently link between notebooks via clerk/doc-url but this is currently a no-op in normal Clerk and works only in the static build, see it in action at /


shouldn’t be a lot of work to make it work in normal clerk mode as well and make it call clerk/show! there when clicked

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I might try this next week


let clerk show if you want to see it in action

Pieter Koornhof11:01:34

Thanks will have a look. I ended up doing a simply poc where I just had a custom page that pulled namespaces from the file system, and then had clerk in an iframe. Ended up working nicely as I could tailor it to my specific needs