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Is there any way to suppress the output of defn? It’s not the end of the world but the #function descriptions are not particularly helpful to the reader IMO. That seems to be my only niggle so far, I’m using it on some internal company stuff now, so I’ll have some wider feedback soon.


what do you think it should show as instead? You'd like to just show nothing?


Thinking it through, nothing at all is not a bad default choice for defn, defmulti, and defmethod. I suppose there might be circumstances where the reader is interested in seeing that a function has been stored as #function[detail$name, 0x778976, “detail$name”] (for example) but I would think that it would be rare. On the other hand, I think a reader is always going to be interested in the evaluation of def, and direct expressions in the code. Of course the actual code for a function is vital…


Show the function's meta map; implicitly encourage more people to add docstrings, annotations and other metadata to their functions


we added showing the function name to aid debugging and I think the consistency with the Clojure default printer is helpful? The use case was seeing where a symbol comes from, in this case seeing that + was the one from sicmutils, not Clojure core. It sounds like we might be talking about separate things though. Would you rather see the var instead of it's contents in the case of a defn?


showing the meta map for some things and not for others could also be confusing?


I think it makes sense in the context of defs, which I don't expect to have a "useful" return value, but that may just be me


oh, I now see there’s also a bunch of cases (like when using comp) where the function viewer doesn’t do the right thing


fwiw, shows the namespaced var name and click-for-source. meta is a fun idea. i would prefer #function[detail$name, 0x778976, "detail$name"] over showing nothing at all, for both consistency and because it's occasionally useful in debugging.


yeah, thanks, should do that as well, being able to see the source is great. Btw also something strange going on with comp in maria:


I'm just trying out clerk and like it so far. Found two small css bugs. 1) the pagination buttons on the table are not visible (see picture). 2) When show a markdown link like ;; Here a link [go google]() I think it should be a different color. It's clickable and has the point cursor on hover but otherwise looks the same as normal text


thanks, we noticed this as well. For 1) we're actually working on a complete overhaul of the table viewer. We'll see that we fix the css issues for the next release, cc @U4FSZE57V

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