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Marcelo Fernandes00:01:02

[SOLVED] I'm trying nbb for the first time and getting this error when trying to use markdown-clj. I created that reproduces the issue. Am I missing something?

Chris McCormick03:01:29

Are you using npm install markdown-clj to install it? If so you may need to add it to your classpath manually.

Chris McCormick03:01:37

Oh never mind, I just looked at your repro, sorry.


I’ll have a look at the repro but for nbb it might be better to use commonmark from npm implemented in JS


Or any other popular JS markdown lib


It seems that in CLJS only the md-to-html-string*` var exists: (prn (md/md-to-html-string* "#Hello")) works. See

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still I think using an npm markdown library is better for nbb since it's more performant to use

Marcelo Fernandes13:01:25

thanks @U04V15CAJ! Good to know about the performance difference. Not something that I care for now. Is it common for libraries to have different var names between clj and cljs? I expected them to be the same and I'm curious if there is a reason for them not to be.


It's not that common, it may just be an oversight in that lib


performance but also startup time: processing cljs code at startup vs reading a JS lib (which may or not be faster)

Marcelo Fernandes13:01:55

I saw that the README has two sections: Usage Clojure and Usage ClojureScript. But I totally skipped reading the heading name 🙂

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300 people in this channel, 🎉

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