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CIDER 1.6 released with nbb support!

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Is there a way to bundle a distributed (into multiple files) nbb script into an executable that is not ~170MB and takes 2-3 seconds to start? (Looking at caxa ) I was initially looking for a fast-starting CLI tool with subcommands which I like about bb but came to nbb due to the lack of nice prompts - as npm delivers a good package for it I tried it with nbb now but hit the wall at actually creating the fast single executable with it that I was trying to achieve. In the end it should just be an installable executable - preferrably working on all major platforms


@alpox why not distribute it as an npm package and let people run it via npx your-package ?


My brain must have frozen there for the evening. Why didn't I think of that 😅 thanks, savior


It should not be public in the end though but I believe there are ways to make such private