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coby19:02:32 My favorite album from last year, for my fellow weirdos who DJENT 😜

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Loving this! Thanks for sharing!

eccentric J21:02:45

This is very good! You ever listen to Shokran? Their first instrumental album my favorite Djent album so far.


Hadn't heard them before, thanks for that! I really want to believe that "Memories" is an intentional reference to the X Files theme 👽 metal


Just discovered this lady's rocking music but her music videos are blowing my mind.


That was an enormous amount of fun. Is that an electric oud??


Maybe? I wish I could speak Turkish so I knew what this lady is all about. Her wikipedia lists her as a "singer, painter and anthropologist" 😍

eccentric J21:02:36

This isn’t exactly my taste but someone shared in a discord I frequent and I just finished listening to it. They’re very good musicians and it’s a pretty engaging performance and light show:;

eccentric J21:02:44

Personally though I’ve been enjoying a lot more.

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