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@kingoftheknoll: yep, as long as the compiler saw the state, mount will pick it up (i.e. compiler will let mount know: here is a var you might be interested in)


you can try mount 0.1.11-SNAPSHOT, it logs states as compiler (/mount) sees them


@tolitius: thanks! Does that mean that if defstates A -> B where B depends on A. If I refer B into my user namespace I'm assuming it automatically picks up A? And even if it does do you find that it's just better to be explicit and refer them all?


if I understand your question correctly, then yes, dependencies will be brought into your namespace transitively (you can require only B, and, since it depends on A, compiler would have already seen A by the time you get to use B)


whether it makes sense to define them all explicitly would depend on where "the action takes place".


for example in the namespace with the -main function or in dev playground I tend to require everything explicitly, so I have a better visual when I look at these namespaces.


in case of other namespaces I would only require what's needed


e.g. would not require A if I don't use it in a namespace