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do i understand well if i use yurt, im kind of back to where i was with stuart-sierra-system before, because my application functions should receive a yurt as a parameter, just like in the stuart-sierra-system case?


@onetom: no. you would use it exactly like you would mount with an exception of the macros, since they expand at compile time. not to be too cryptic here: compojure's defroutes is a macro, so if you want it to access yurt states (which are really just mount states) within this macro, you would need to pass that state on defroutes creation


everything else in terms of usage is the same


you can play with in in repl:

$ git clone 
$ cd yurt
$ boot repl
boot.user=> (dev)
dev=> (def bp (yurt/blueprint))
dev=> (def dev-yurt (yurt/build bp))
INFO  utils.logging - >> starting..  #'neo.conf/config
INFO  neo.conf - loading config from dev/resources/config.edn
INFO  utils.logging - >> starting..  #'neo.db/db
INFO  neo.db - conf:  {:datomic {:uri datomic:}, :www {:port 4242}, :nrepl {:host, :port 7878}}
INFO  neo.db - creating a connection to datomic: datomic:
INFO  utils.logging - >> starting..  #'neo.www/neo-app
INFO  neo.stager - staging the order book with 6 orders...
INFO  utils.logging - >> starting..  #'