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@tolitius: it would be really educational to the community if you could record some of your coding sessions do you have any such recordings yet by chance?


@onetom: quite a fair request. I don't have codings sessions recorded. Unfortunately the work I get paid for, which would be the most interesting, would not allow me to share much (I suspect it is the case with many people and projects). I did create for the purpose of demonstrating the ideas, but these "guys" are quite simple to be very interesting. For example I can just run boot watch speak test across the whole test sources in a different REPL, and not sweat they run on every code save, since they are very quick. I did a (remote) talk at Clojure Toronto Meetup, where I dove into code a little bit, and I felt it helped with the discussion, so it may not be a bad idea to record the stater examples, as I work with them, in case someone finds them useful.


definitely record if you are presenting next time pls!