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Mount looks super interesting and the testing story seems solid, any experiences? because I am pretty sick of component and defining protocols just so I can test certain stuff


@mitchelkuijpers: I am afraid there are only a few stories at this point, but there will be more I am sure. From what I see (and if anyone else has a story very welcome to share): * I am using mount currently in 3 projects for work, medium to large size. 2 of these projects are in production for several months, and with mount for a couple of months (rewrote them from component to mount). * I know several people who use mount for their ClojureScript projects which is very cool, since I am only using it for Clojure at the moment * Luminus manages component lifecycle with mount: + other people I talked to about how to do things with mount, as they are starting to use it, but I am not sure what they do / where they use it, so this is a "secret" usage category simple_smile


Thanks for the detailed reply @tolitius I will try it first for a personal project and maybe port an application to mount from component


great, let me know how it goes