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Dustin Getz15:04:21

I may make a RCF tutorial video for the Task portion of;-Flows . Do we think this is the best current hello world tutorial for missionary?

Dustin Getz15:04:50

It may need to be modified to work in CLJS as well


when working with missionary, do you ever write APIs that return thunks (which do some i/o) anymore or are they always returned as missionary tasks


> thunks (which do some i/o) you mean blocking functions ?


basically. Do you color them when returned or when used


I think the idea of effects is that you just write the same general code whether it's blocking or not and handle the implementation elsewhere? I might have to break a habit of thinking of missionary as promises


If you're used to promises, your api should look pretty much the same. Instead of side-effecting functions returning promises, define pure functions returning tasks or flows. Let the user decide when to actually perform the effects.


not sure if it's cleaner to just always make returned stuff same "color" as you might with promises, even if you don't plan on using them asynchronously