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anybody looking for a Clojure job? we are having some opening on our team at Guaranteed Rate


It is a back-end platform services team; lots of AWS Lambdas, some Kubernetes services, and a move to using Kafka in on the way

Daniel Craig04:01:26

We can advertise this at the February meeting

Daniel Craig04:01:56

I want to get back into having talks at our meetings too


I should have a talk I can do; need to put it together, but happy to do one on a project we have put together

Daniel Craig15:01:05

Yeah I'd love that!

Daniel Craig21:02:41

@US03ZP2F5 would you be interested in presenting in March?


What day is the March meeting?

Daniel Craig02:02:20

I haven't fixed a date, but we usually meet the first Monday of the month