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Hi everybody, how are you dealing with microservices in a dev environment? For production environment there are lots of solutions approaches like deploying each microservice in a docker container and use some kind of docker orchestration i.e. Kubernetes, Swarm, etc but when it comes to development environment it is a unknown, nobody publishes any article about it - including the big players like netflix, spotify, etc


I'm using a not-so-good approach. For each project (set of microservices), I create a meta git repository which contains a docker-compose file and some configuration (database seed, with instructions of how to run the whole project, etc), usually it contains scripts to create database schemas for each microservice, avoid spawn a new database instance for each one


it works quite well when you have a limited amount of microservices, usually less than 10


after that you are going to need a lot of RAM


apart from that, docker consumes a lot of IO to run containers, so spawn more than 10 containers with a regular HD is not so pleasant


one of the guys of this channel uses a similar approach when it comes to have a meta project, however he groups all microservices into one and spawn just one JVM


how are you dealing with your microservices in a dev environment?