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I think you mentioned this earlier but I'm getting a funny issue where textboxes work in webgl and then fail and then work again if I just nuke my membrane version and rebuild. Another odd thing which might be related is that sometimes keywords are :extra and sometimes :membrane.component/extra


Those are both probably related. The underlying issue is that defui needs to know which vars refer to other defui components. Unfortunately, the clojurescript compiler can lose state (either metadata or otherwise) if it does a partial recompile. Not sure how you're compiling, but this problem seemed to have disappeared after a shadow-cljs upgrade at some point. I'd like to revisit the defui macro at some point, but haven't had a chance yet. The clojurescript compilation process has a myriad of differences with clojure that make supporting clojurescript more challenging.


I'm a couple of minor versions behind, I'll try updating