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@smith.adriane finally got a chance to try it out, it works very well, thanks again 👍 One thing that I noticed using the re-frame wrapper is that with terminal-resized it does not work to use pure vectors to dispatch re-frame events like [[:some-event]] , but it is not a big deal because there is a simple workaround of using (dispatch [:some-event]) explicitly. So instead of:

(on :terminal-resized
    (fn [new-size]
      [[:set-terminal-size new-size]]))
I do:
(on :terminal-resized
    (fn [new-size]
      (dispatch [:set-terminal-size new-size])


ah, ok. I added support for extensible events like terminal-resized in membrane.component, but not for re-frame. Just need to do the same thing in the


One thing I realized with the terminal-resized event is that you need to create the view before firing the :terminal-resized event and there's probably some use cases that want to know the size before creating the view


which makes me thing that having it as an event might not be the best fit and it should instead be a callback provided to membrane.lanterna/run


Maybe that could be a bit nicer, but I don't see a problem also with wrapping it like this for example:

(on :terminal-resized
    (when-some [[w h] @(subscribe [:size])]
      (vertical-layout ...)))