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@smith.adriane I've been slower than I thought I would be loading up the skija stuff on features. but I did add some basic stuff like window size/title/starting position here: do you want a PR for what's done so far? I will likely add more at some point just not sure exactly when

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As for the component stuff I tried it out a little but and it seemed nice enough, but it turns out the stuff I'm working on is more just visualizations, which receive a lot of external events when new data is received, but don't really have much interaction. So I think this workflow was a little smoother so far with just shoving everything in an atom then just deref'ing that in the draw fn and drawing the things


Makes sense. For visualizations, I think it might make more sense to just handle the mouse/keyboard events directly. That's similar to what I did for

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But I'll probably take another look at it soon when I need some more user interaction which I'm sure I inevitably will want at some point


Also if there's anything in particular you'd like to see added to the skija stuff let me know


The pull request seems like a good start. I don't really have a sense of what the best way to organize run option properties is: :window-start-x is better than having :window/start-x or {:window {:start-x ...}}


Yeah I'm never quite sure on this either. I was basing it off the skia implementation but don't feel strongly about it


me neither. It's definitely an improvement so I can pull it in and can consider reorganizing things if necessary later.


There are supposedly some new qualified keyword related features coming soon in 1.11, I'm excited to see if those imply any profound philosophical principles relating to keywords. Though it probably will just be a little bit nicer aliasing :)

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