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Another musing: I think that the line-delay and final-delay options do the job, but was wondering if we might consider something more refined. The idea is to maybe allow directives in play scripts. First thought: something that would allow you to wait for specific text (ex. user=>) before proceeding. But maybe I’m re-inventing AppleScript or something? I dunno.


at that point, why not just run a clojure script?


I'd be more inclined to add something like bb support than create a mini dsl


Yeah maybe. I was thinking of maybe employing sci somehow to hook in and wait for interesting events. This was with screenshots in mind. But ya know what? The delay options are maybe a bit general but they do the job, yeah?


if there's a good use case in mind, then it could make sense. just trying to not fall into the trap where you had some extra keywords, then loops, then variables, then functions, etc.


scripting on top of a human api is always tricky. if there's a way to improve the programmatic API of either membrane.term or the tool you're trying to screen cap, then that might be another route


one similar idea I had was to have a "record" feature where you just use the terminal normally and you have tools for exporting the playback however you want


or you could record as you use the terminal normally and it can also store the timings of your inputs that you could use as a play script


Yeah good points. I'll ponder (maybe). Was thinking of hooking with maybe sci somehow. But realize this can get really over-complicated quickly.


I've used selenium in the past to script web pages and sometimes it's what you have to do, but it's not usually much fun


the wait for matching input reminded me of that


Yeah reminded me of selenium too.