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This is how I’m feeling at the moment. 🙂


The little song at the beginning. Not the whole video. 😂


Oh, is that Richard Ayoade


I’m not sure? But my kids and I love this show.


It is. That was the first thing I noticed as well.


I’m interested in model checking and how it can be leveraged in Clojure.


@pfeodrippe seems to be on Slack


BTW @borkdude thanks to the babashka pressure and the work on the epsilon interpreter, I made a breakthrough that will accelerate zeta to the point of having something tangible but not fully optimized in the near future.

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I’ve almost got the substitution half of the interpreter ready which I’ll be pushing soon.


bananadance Sounds great! If you're interested, I'm doing a babashka / sci internals presentation in about an hour here:


After that, I can pretty much take almost all of that code and fit it in to the zeta model I’ve been tinkering with.


@borkdude Are you in London ATM?


no, The Netherlands


Slack says it’s 18:40 where you are and I’m a lazy American.


The meetup happens from London originally though


I'm a visiting speaker. They have invited half the Clojure community to do talks there it seems ;)


That might be a little bit early for me but I could always tune in later if it’s on YouTube or something.

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Half the Clojure community, that’s like what, 20 people or something? 😛


Gah, sometimes I wish my family and I could pick up and move to Europe. I lived in Spain for 5 years in when I was teenager and loved everywhere I went. Never got a chance to visit the Netherlands though. 😞


Thanks, @borkdude! Hi @noprompt o/ We can chat whenever you want :) I'm learning about it too


Sweet! Perhaps after your talk? I’m excited to learn about what you’re working on.

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Yes, sure :D. We will also have a QA after the talk, but I'm not expert myself, I'm doing this for a more practical purposes. I would like to see what you have in mind for it o/


Practical purposes is where I’m coming from as well with Meander. I’m trying to bring some of the ideas from term rewriting that I think are useful in day to day programming. Where model checking is interesting to me is being able to take a rewrite system and ask it questions such as • what are your inputs? • what are your outputs (normal forms)? • what are the paths between and inputs and an outputs? With answers to these questions we can assert whether or not claims about those systems are true, etc.


Got it! I am aiming to use it more to try to understand a system with little or no regard to the code implementation. More high level view of everything, but I see thay you want to use it on other ways, right? Tell me more if you can, I would like to learn, man :D


My knowledge of model checking is limited. I have a copy of “Principles of Model Checking” but I haven’t dedicated time to reading it.


My exposure to model checking has been primarily through Maude.


The interpreter namespace is coming together. I pushed up the new protocol based pattern match/substitution factory stuff. Just a bit more to do.


Probably a couple more days of work to go.