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@zenflowapp turned me on to My preference has been, when stuck, to: • add the obvious print statements; • run; • scan the output; • re-run; • repeat. In rare cases I get stumped, and rinse-repeat can go on for a while. And more than a little work goes into minimizing the output selectively, to make the scan step manageable. The Flowstorm solution says: • record everything; • create an interactive browser for everything. Is there an ETA on Flowstorm/CLJD? If not, it would be easy to tell f/mx to record everything MX and f/mx (setState, dispose, etc). It could start as memory data structure for search with CLJD, then grow a UI. thinking-face

Benjamin C19:08:35

@U0739PUFQ Started looking into it, but is waiting for the self hosted cljd compiler so that the way macro's need to be used doesn't change under his feet (If I understand correctly). Thread:


yes, I'm waiting for self hosted ClojureDart before supporting it, since some stuff is going to be quite different on self hosted


Yep. Should be a whole new ball game when self-hosting lands.