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Interesting result on the Flutter "context" front: a little print diagnostic left in place to see if the context changes for a given f/mx widget build function now fires if we add or remove an item. This using a ValueKey on the unvarying storage-id. So, yeah, Flutter keeps the same internal structure, but it "moves" it to a new Element. Fun note: it does that for all subcomponents of the item as well.


OK, quiescing seems fine now that I am careful about reusing proxy items where Flutter will be reusing native items. This is what I was too lazy to write, costing me two days:

(map (fn [todo]
             (let [stg-id (td-stg-id todo)
                   exg (some (fn [li]
                               (when (= stg-id (.-value ^m/ValueKey (mget li :key)))
               (or exg (todo-list-item todo))))
        (sort-by todo/td-created-at
          (todo/app-todos (my-app))))
sigh Now I will turn the above into a reusable kids generator. For lazy people. :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

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