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Is the map syntax the recommended way to go?


vector-syntax is the way to go, but map should work too. > NOTE: Map Syntax / SchemaAST is considered as alpha and subject to change.

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with cursive + Clojure Extras + clj-kondo. Looking good 🙂


I am liking the metadata version


to me, precisely what metadata is all about 🙂


i like it too, just not that dev tooling can’t pick it up without a manual refresh


and the m/=> version there doesn’t work because if you load the whole file you load the schema, which triggers wrapping the function, and then load the function which will be unwrapped

Karol Wójcik15:01:00

Plumatic style. Cant wait to see it released ;3


I think we can solve the dev-tooöing issues with first two, with polling and var-watching.


I don't think so, but adding a queue with a small delay should do the trick here.

Michael Gardner17:01:33

seems tricky to deal with the case where a var is defined and then immediately used

Ben Sless18:01:35

teaser - how does emitting malli schema fron jackson annotations sound? 😛


i swear i dislike actual physical people named jackson at this point just by association

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Ben Sless07:01:45

I always think of Daniel Jackson from Stargate which puts me in a more positive mindset