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Is there an existing PR or issue related to "dependent schemas" (i.e. returning a derivative schema, based on schema and value) that was mentioned on Jacek's podcast?


I don't think there is an issue yet.

Ben Sless15:07:31

Do you feel like there might be a need for a getting started guide? While the readme is comprehensive, I get the impression new users have a hard time building up beyond the simple examples. Something which starts from a simple base case, expands on it and illustrates malli's capabilities and features might be useful


That would be awesome. Everything under docs gets published to cljdoc. Could also be a separate documentation site, if someone has time to work with that.


examples of good doc sites (and tools to create them) would be a good start


stay tuned on that one, I'm working on a heavily malli driven static website generator that uses itself to document itself

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Ben Sless16:07:03

Docs and cljdoc are good enough imo, but I'm more of a content over presentation kind of guy

Ben Sless16:07:19

I'll start writing something. do you prefer adoc or md format?

Ben Sless16:07:59

and on another note, any updates regarding the performance MRs I opened?


both formats good, whatever you prefer. Adoc is better, right? The perf PRS (and all others), will check those soon. Just started my vacation, should have more time to invest in malli now.

Ben Sless16:07:50

Aren't you supposed to take time off on vacation? 🙂

Ben Sless16:07:46

who am I kidding if I had time off I don't think I'd be able to keep away from the computer for more than a day


6 weeks, should have time for both 😉

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Ben Sless17:07:58

Looks wonderful. Have fun!


6 weeks, wow


Is it possible to write mali, convert it somehow to spec and use it for spec/fdef and orchestration?


no atm, but could be. Thing is that you can present things with malli that are impossible to present as specs, so it would not be complete like malli->JSON Schema , which is lossy. Still, I think 95% would work ok. There is malli-instrument library for doing the same with malli, if that’s ok for your use case.


Makes sense. I wouldn't mind losing some of the malli features when instrumented as a spec. Some of the libraries (like integrant's pre-init-spec) support only spec. Although in my case, I use spec mostly for instrumentation of some bits. I was asking for such a conversion, as it sounds like the non-invasive way of trying malli in an existing project. Anyway, I will take a look at malli-instrument. Thanks.