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Hi, i’m not 100% clear on how far down the rabbit hole you can go in terms of defining schemas in terms of other schemas. I’m using a mutable custom registry ‘spec’ishly’ per the docs, and i’m running into some issues, but not sure why. Perhaps some ‘type’ v ‘instance’ thing? For something like the following:

(register! :bigdec (m/simple-schema ...))
(register! :money [:map {:someprop ..}
                     [::amount :bigdec] 
                     [::currency [:enum :USD :CAN ..]]])
(register!  ::annual-income [:money {:propa ..}])

(def x {::amount 1.23M ::currency :USD})
(m/validate :money x)
;=> true
(m/validate ::annual-income x)
;Exception => :malli.core/invalid-schema {:schema [:map {:someprop ..} ....


Question about the schema walker functionality. I am trying to change all the :optional properties of a nested schema to false with this:

(mi/walk schema         ;; malli.core aliased as `mi`
      #(mu/update-properties % assoc :optional false)))
However, this only works if maps have a single key. If the schema is something like this:
(def schema
                  [:id uuid?]
                  [:name string?]
                  [:logoUrl {:optional true}
              [:health {:optional true}
                  [:injuries {:optional true}
                       [:playerName string?]
                       [:position {:optional true}
                       [:status string?]]]]]]]]]])
Only only the values under the :teams key are updated; the :health key and all the values under it are unaffected. Am I using the schema walker incorrectly, or is this possibly a bug? This is on version 0.5.1 Edit: After looking at this more, I think it's just that update-properties doesn't work on keys, so I was using it incorrectly.