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Daniel Miladinov19:02:54

Is it possible to use a `[:map …]` spec to describe interactions / interdependencies with map keys / values? Like, “either this key or that key must be set”, or “these two keys must either both have empty values or both be set”


This is probably done using a predicate on the map?

Daniel Miladinov19:02:49

I mean, I know I can write a [:fn …] spec and do whatever I need with the map validation, but I was wondering if there was anything more declarative.


@daniel.miladinov if you can cook up a good declarative syntax for defining the rules, I can try to summon a custom schema to do that. Declarative rule systems are not always simple.


Not sure if something like meander could be used to declare rules like that. Bridging Malli and Meander might be fun