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merged #238 in master. The Breaking: • :path in explain is re-implemented: map keys by value, others by child index • m/-walk and `m/Walker` uses `:path`, not `:in` • m/-outer has new parameter order: `walker schema path children options` • malli.util/path-schemas replaced with `malli.util/subschemas` & `malli.util/distict-by` • LensSchema has a new `-keep` method • renamed some non-user apis in `malli.core` & `malli.util` • moved map-syntax helpers from `malli.core` to `malli.util` • dynaload `com.gfredericks/test.chuck`


There are few more PRs to go, many half-way complete and should unroll after the 238. But, going back to work within few days, don’t know when will have time to finish all the things.


Applied for Malli for the Clojurists Together aug-sep, but haven’t heard anything, so just:crossed_fingers:.

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