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Hi folks, starting to incorporate malli into my project, was wondering is there a mechanism to add metadata to a function so that input and output are automatically validated, or is all the validation meant to be done manually within the function?


goal of malli is to be a complete schema-system, both function schemas and linting (integration to clj-condo) will be there, soon, I hope.


👍 thanks, I'll take a look at aave in the meantime.


any discussion of aave most welcome here, as @rschmukler is here too.


Hi @theeternalpulse! Aave is in its early days but it does exist! It's syntax is extendable so if you don't like the ghostwheel-like syntax, it wouldn't be too hard to add. The other thing that I want to add is the option for compile time testing of pure functions (so we refuse to compile, rather than wait for the user to call the function). If you have any feature requirements please feel free to open some issues

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