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@sogaiu ah, great. Mind if I pester you for some details? What distro (and release) are you running? I just tried building in a Debian Buster chroot and ran into all sorts of JS dependency problems (and I’m a yarn / npm noob, so I wasn’t able to fix them).


I was able to globally install a bunch of npm deps, which got past a few errors, but I ultimately ran into some errors from google closure (about missing files), and it looks like the google clojure JS lib changed its directory structure about a year ago, so I was guessing that some part of the lumo build process needed to be updated to account for that


but if you got it to build that’s great! hopefully I can figure out how to repro a working build locally


i used a xubuntu installation. my local clj version is the same as what's in your script: boot --version gave:

$ boot --version
Downloading ...
#Sat Feb 08 02:00:42 GMT 2020
so i'm not sure if this just changed my boot version... yarn --version gives 1.21.1 as far as java is concerned, it looks like i happened to be using a special build of openjdk 1.8.0_232 (it is a jvmci build -- iirc used for working with graalvm) the actual command i ran to build lumo in the repository clone was:
boot release


i'll do another build using a fresh clone


thanks for the details!


np -- will let you know how the fresh build goes 🙂


hmm, maybe this is my problem


I was trying to build from a release, rather than HEAD


ah, may be so -- haven't tried with a release


fresh build worked fine -- just needed to run yarn before the boot command.


hmm, still hit the same problem when building HEAD:

    throw firstError;

Error: A package is trying to access another package without the second one being listed as a dependency of the first one

Required package: babel-helper-evaluate-path (via "babel-helper-evaluate-path")


I'll try setting up an ubuntu chroot


i don't know if it will make any difference but fwiw my yarn version is 1.21.1