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Also, any idea whether having a long classpath would create issues? I'm doing lumo --classpath src:<very long classpath generated within Boot> build.cljs, where build.cljs is:

(require '
( "src-temp"
  {:optimizations :none, 
   :output-to "out/main.js", 
   :output-dir "out", 
   :cache-analysis true, 
   :source-map true, 
   :verbose true, 
   :watch-fn (fn [] (println "Success in watching!"))})
(ns blah.temp)

#?(:cljs (enable-console-print!))
(println "Hello world!")
But I just get: Building ... till there's an out-of-memory error. By contrast, when I only pass src as the classpath:
Building ...
Options passed to ClojureScript compiler: <options>
Copying <files>
Compiling <files>
... done. Elapsed 0.44 seconds
Success in watching!


Looks like the issue is not in but rather


I will try to debug this at some point over the weekend but any pointers would be appreciated


Okay actually I just got it to compile once — Elapsed 401.48 seconds though, and similar times on recompilation even when I only change that one tiny file (`blah.temp`), which doesn't really work for me haha. So yeah I will try to fix this


Just opened up — probably going to pause work on this pending a discussion there