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Thanks for the PR review, @anmonteiro I will try to incorporate your recommendations tonight.


I saw you tried to unbreak the windows build and incremented the nodejs version along the way. As I understand the 9.x line has been dropped since the 10.x became the current main version line (about 10 days ago): Would it worth upgrading to 10.x? Is there any strong counter-argument for doing so? Would it be more likely that it builds on Windows too?


@onetom upgrading to Node v10 is gonna take a little time


time that I don’t have to put into it


specifically they changed the handling of command line arguments


so it needs to be patched properly in nexe


another useful task would be to get the CI running on Windows again


i haven't touched windows in decades, so i can't help much with that im afraid


it just runs out of memory


maybe trying the newly added Travis support for Windows


i only have have some ancient jenkins experience (when it was still called hudson 🙂 i've touched on gitlab ci recently though. for example i've documented how to setup a gitlab runner on aws using nixos: i think that was a pretty cool solution, because we have great control over the CI environment with extra minimal effort.


I'm trying to get spiral to connect to a lumo socket-repl. I fire up the lumo at port 5555, go into a cljs source file under the same project hierarchy and do spiral-connect-to and give it localhost:5555 and it says "unrepl says hi!" and "waiting on UNREPL.... then hangs. I look into the spiral-client[localhost:5555] buffer and it says:

".replaceAll is not a function
     Script.runInThisContext (vm.cljs:65:33)
     Object.runInThisContext (vm.cljs:197:38)
     (NO_SOURCE_FILE <embedded>:5824:287)
     z (NO_SOURCE_FILE <embedded>:5825:306)
     (NO_SOURCE_FILE <embedded>:5820:508)
     Function.cljs.core.trampoline.cljs$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$1 (NO_SOURCE_FILE <embedded>:1916:142)

According to what I can find on the net, its cuz its trying to use an unsupported (in cljs) global string replace function. Is this supposed to be working at all or still a WIP?