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inf-clojure is in the long run, not a plesant thing to use. Thinking further ahead into the future, node.js is very slowly starting to support multithreading (worker-threads) and parallelism (SharedArrayBuffer). Lumo, don't know about planck, could in near future (possibly theoretically) support nrepl without java. The idea of implementing it sounds daunting. In the meantime, it would be nice if unrepl had support for lumo, what was holding @cgrand's Suspension PR back. It would be nice to see that being pushed further. But cider with lumo would be a dream, I'd sell my piano and iPhone to get that working. But the road there is long. Maybe a new emacs-mode for lumo would take shorter time.

parrot 4

It would be awesome to take the socket REPL work in unsepl and add it to cider