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I’m just assessing whether I should do an Electron app or command line app with Lumo right now. What are some bundle sizes that people are seeing with Lumo command line apps.


@grounded_sage if you ship cljs code, there's no bundle size?


I want to create a client side app that provides access to the file system. Ideally cross platform. I’m just wondering if it is possible to do easily without taking on Electron which is a huge bundle size and cpu hog. @pesterhazy


I guess I meant with the use of Nexe


Well will it have a ui?


Doesn’t necessarily need a UI. If was needed was just going to open up a browser and use that. Other people could access through browser. After doing a lot of searching it looks like it might be best just using Electron.


Was looking at Racket, Rust, Erlang/Elixir, Node as options. But it doesn’t seem there is a clear way to do cross platform applications the way I would like.


Electrino and Nodekit look like what I want but not sure if it’s worth betting on them.


I've use lumo with electron, but only to interact with lumo trough electron. Bundle sizes are not a problem in my case and Electron is just so straightforward and nice to work with.