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Hey I would love to contribute to Lumo. There doesn't appear to be many tagged newbie. I've recently been exploring the idea of mob programming on open source and was wondering if there is a chance of having like a regular hack session on Lumo with a group working on one issue (one person being in the drivers seat of course). Would be a great way to welcome in people who aren't sure they will be able to contribute by onboarding them to the codebase/process.


Hey! @U0CK4CKAP can expand here, but a start can be #119 or #40. I was planning to have a stab at those as well so let me know when/if you work on either ok?


I'm not sure I could have a decent stab at those right now. But I would be interested in being in the passenger seat. Be that we do some live collaboration on it together or I'll just look at the changes when the commit is made :)


@stbgz Hey! I was checking huckleberry again and was wondering whether we should package it as npm package...


it would be awesome to use it in lumo with no JVM call whatsoever


and it could be the first cljs package on npm !!