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Drew Verlee00:09:03

@anmonteiro just got done watching your talk at clojurtre, really great job. Thanks for putting that together


thanks! I appreciate it

Gary Schiltz01:09:17

WOW! That did the trick! ¡Muchas gracias! 🙂

Gary Schiltz02:09:59

Sorry, I'm back. If I first start a repl with "lumo -c cat cp.txt" and then evaluate (require 'v8) and (v8/setFlagsFromString "--nouse_strict"), I can do the (require 'tubax.core) with no errors. However, if I put those three forms into a file (main.cljs) and run "lumo -c cat cp.txt main.cljs", I get the same errors as before. Ideas?


@gschiltz hrm, weird. workaround is to run lumo like this:

lumo -e "(require 'v8) (v8/setFlagsFromString \"--nouse_strict\")" main.cljs

Gary Schiltz02:09:28

Thanks for the quick response yet again. That did the trick.