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Yesterday I was able to run instaparse on lumo and added it to a clojar, if someone's interested to try it out


@hlolli thanks for doing that. where is the code for that fork?


looks like the clojars page is still pointing to the regular instaparse project.


@aengelberg my bad, forgot to change to project.clj metadata. The fork is here


I removed some of the reader macros and clj side, very hard coded and rough


but should be possible to make the upstream lumo compatible...


maybe. it seems like the tough part is to write macros that behave differently on clj vs cljs


is that possible?


hmm, good question, I would guess on compilation time (or cache generation for lumo) then the reader macros are respected.


its still bit confuseing to me, how clojurescript treats clj macros and .clj files.


having instaparse work on all three platforms (clj, cljs, and bootstrapped cljs) is a difficult problem when macros are involved


I think it doesn't have to be, I think the macros dont need any reader macros like this one here not sure why this works in non-bootstraped clojurescript.


If I understand lumo correctly, it treats macros and clojure data the same and caches it, but will ignore all clojure reader macros.


Im haveing a problem that I can only describe, I'm using js/require like I do often without problems, but on a js file that I didn't write. From the namespace that the js/require call is made, everything works fine, as soon as I require that namespace from a 3rd party namespace, I start getting 'cannot read property of undefined' errors. Are there alternative ways to load js files, or ways to expose the file contents more "global".