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@anmonteiro did you make an attempt to implement so that a lumo build could return a vinyl stream? Was thinking to make a go at this problem if the case is not.


Hi. Is there a way to grab a file from the classpath, even that file could be in a jar, using Lumo?


Lumo is great


@hlolli I don't know what a Vinyl stream is


But to answer your question, we don't include the gulp portion of the Closure Compiler


Ok, so I give this experiment a try, if successful I will make a pull request and we can make adjustments. The goal I have in mind, is to call the lumo build.api from a gulpfile, this would enable developing cljs parallel to js, or simply use js build/dev tools on .cljs files.


I sometimes see project where js developers are knitting togeather coffescript, jade, typescript and es6. Why not add cljs into that pipeline :slightly_smiling_face:


@hlolli curious because I am facing some issue in pushing a repl-oriented workflow to js devs. Is it more idiomatic to use the compile and reload wf or a Repl for that in your experience?


well, the js devs always have the browser console, I think a modern js-dev uses something like gulp to hot-reload code changes, seperating vendor from assets and sending assets into stream, enables quite fast hot-reload, like we are use to from Figwheel. I don't see adding a cljs-build-api to js-land would encourage repl-oriented workflow as far as I see, but lumo can always be started to load the files. One has to find it's best practicies I guess.


Yeah the problem is , I hoped I they would adapt to the cljs wf not me adapting to the js :grinning::grinning::grinning:


The moment I open emacs with inf-clojure people run away :grin::grin:


Think about all the people stuck with js-tooling that wish they could sneak in some .cljs code :smile:


@hlolli right so it could be as simple as changing the entry point here:


I will give it a try, but I was earlier today seeing if changing this here where adding a get function for require('google-closure-compiler-js').gulp(); in lumo.js (and add that to lumo globals)


yeah you’ll need to change that too


not sure if this will work at all, need to see if it is possible to write to a stream pipeline if I run the lumo binary from a node child process. I hack around and see what I get.


well, I think some of the other to-js compilers also run a binary, so Im overthinking this maybe.


has anyone successfully used lumo to evaluate org-babel blocks? #emacs #org-mode


@ag No, but it sounds like a neat idea.


I wish I wasn’t so stupid and lazy. I would’ve written a package. Alas I am all those things