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Michael Muldoon21:02:03

Hi all, relatively new to Luminus but I'm following the fantastic Web Dev with Clojure ebook. My colleague and I are working on testing an SSO integration locally and he needs localhost to serve https to test it out. Can anyone provide a pointer on how to config local SSL? He does have a valid cert for localhost.[companyname].com which we locally configure (using /etc/hosts) to point to localhost Thanks in advance!


(defn jetty-server [] (run-jetty app {... :ssl? true :ssl-port 3001 :keystore "keystore" :key-password "pwdpwd"})) i have success with this setup


just search how to use keytool (part of jdk/jre) to make that keystore file

Michael Muldoon19:02:07

Thanks! Our app is using the default Undertow adapter so we're going to try to follow the config options listed here: