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Hey, what is the benefit of using mount with config/env in the luminus-template instead of just (def env (load-config))? We have had some problems with the mounting as that has caused env to be nil in some situations (e.g. using an env var in another def form). I would like to know if it is safe to remove the mount before it is deployed to production 😅


Probably not the answer you're looking for but one way to get around the nil env problem is to define the var that depends on env as a function (of no arguments) instead of a var. That way its evaluation is delayed until a time when (presumably) env has a non nil value


That's how we have currently handled the issue, but is quite easy to forget this problem and reintroduce the bug elsewhere


This change is now in production and everything is working fine 😅


That's good to know that plain def works fine for env. I've tripped over the issue you described a few times.