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I spun up a new app with +postgres +re-frame +auth +shadow-cljs +reitit


And was attempting to run lein shadow compile app


but ‘shadow’ is not a task.

Daniel Craig14:07:56

For this I would usually read the Readme and see if it mentions how to build the app. Usually the template-generated projects are created with really good instructions in the readme.


Yeah, that’s exactly how I usually start. But I’ve been instructed here to separate the clsj-shadow build from the lein project and do them separately.


So I’m trying to get the lein part to work with the built-in plugin, and that part is failing. Last time I work with this template (last December) it worked.

Daniel Craig05:07:52

@U0241D6SYSZ do you know how to resolve this?


I believe this was a bug that was fixed within a day or so.