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Could anyone explain to me why the :params key is alway empty in a default Luminus template?


I've been looking at the documentation found here: Can anyone let me know how, if I wanted to build a jar for an environment that wasn't production I would do so. I see the uberjar profile has only these source paths:

:source-paths ["env/prod/clj"]
             :resource-paths ["env/prod/resources"]


I am afraid with how the directory stucture works that including other paths such as "env/dev/clj" would overwrite the shared files (duplicate files) found in "env/prod/clj"


Within luminus, the user namespace has restart-db to recompile the hugsql queries without having to restart. Very convenient for updating and testing new queries. However, I added some clojure to the queries like hugsql says you can, and now restart-db give the error: Syntax error (ClassCastException) compiling at (REPL:1:1). clojure.lang.Symbol cannot be cast to clojure.lang.Namespace. All I added to cause the error is:

/*~(if (:email params) */
and = :email
and accounts.user_name = :user_name
/*~ ) */
Any of you run into something similar?