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Hello, I want to run luminus apps with https. So, I could try running my app with "-p 443" But I got this message $ lein run -p 443 2018-07-18 18:56:22,906 [main] INFO hogehoge.env - -=[hogehoge started successfully using the development profile]=- 2018-07-18 18:56:23,237 [main] INFO luminus.http-server - starting HTTP server on port 443 2018-07-18 18:56:23,243 [main] ERROR luminus.http-server - server failed to start onport443 Permission denied How can I do HTTPS communication?


You're likely getting "permission denied" because the first 1023 port numbers are privileged. Anyway, just by using the 443 port you won't get what you want. You need to configure your http server properly and provide certificates (for immutant you may want to look at the ssl-port option - see A common way to do it is to introduce "ssl proxy" (e.g. nginx).


@e.tmailbank here you have some docs. Look for Setting up SSL


I'd also suggest to use nginx as a proxy. Together with letsencrypt its really easy to setup https


hi everyone. is there a guide of how to use create-migration function?


from REPL


ok it looks like after starting REPL, you need to run (restart) and then the function works 🙂


Thanks your advice! I can access my app via https using nginx and letsencrypt(certbot)!

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