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I'm trialing using h2/hugsql, and wondering how people aggregate results in many-to-many or one-to-many queries. Do you pull together the rows in clojure, or do something tricky using group_concat.. or a combination of both?


hi, I’m running my uberjar as follows java -jar -Xmx64m acme.jar to try and minimise the Java heap, as it’s deployed on a very small box. The OS is telling me that it’s actually running at ~ 200mb. Could it be that Immutant isn’t respecting the heap size? Any other ideas?


i recently got project that is simple accounting software i wanted to have login secure and my routes protected and also documents protected since there are going to be quite a bit of invoice uploads what do you suggest me do? i made app reading the book (2nd edition clj web dev) but it uses basic auth. I am hesitant do use that because even i (with my limited knowledge) could hack that. Are there any examples of apps which use good authorization and authentication system? Should i just not bother and should just use oauth2 ? This projects starts simple but it has a lot of room to expand which possible roles and rules in the future so i dont want to limit myself at the start. Any suggestions?


I don't think oauth is really necessary in most situations


What specific concerns do you have with authentication?


i feel like if i put basic auth (like you describe in the book) someone could listen for outgoing requests see post with user:pass encoded 64bit and could get get into the app i'd like to do something that is simple and does better job of securing than basic auth