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Is there a guide to get mongodb working with a luminus app? I tried with postgresql and it was a breeze but I am having some trouble with the mongodb setup


What is :flash??? Been searching the internet and I cannot figure it out. by how it's used it looks to be how you pass values back to you web page. But I also see :session Can someone give me some clues or point me to some docs?


Maybe I am looking for more information about the request map


it has a lot of keys and I see the examples adding this flash key, and in the end I want to know where I am suppose to put my :errors and my return values that I want use to repopulate my webpage. Visualizing the request data struct is elusive for me.


I also noticed I get a NPE when I use timbre and (info "request:" request) Stuff like (info "keys:" (:keys request)) works, I just thought it was strange that I could not barf the whole structure to my log.