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@yogthos would you be open to me working on expanding the auth utility?


I hate doing Auth every time and I thought it would be nice to have it built out a bit more and implement a full auth Model. At least as a starting point.


Yeah definitely, could be a luminus specific auth lib


Maybe. However, I wouldn't want to create another devise style library. I was just thinking having all the sql and actions configured for a basic user when auth is enabled. Then you can freely modify everything.


I know a lot of people have run into trouble with libraries abstracting too much auth.


yeah it’s always a balance between exposing too much boilerplate to the user, and having libraries being too opinionated


let’s take a look at a sample project and then we can figure out what’s the best way to do it from there


I definitely agree auth is something that should be easier to do 🙂


I am having trouble using Selmer to generate some boilerplate clj code. If I enter the code as in the first example I get alot of newlines in the output when rendered, due to the newlines I used to format the code. If I enter like the second example I get the correct output, but it is difficult to read with if statements inside of the the for. Does anyone have advice on how to handle this? I was thinking I could modify Selmer to only include new lines in the rendered file if I explicitly place a \n.

{% for model in strs %}
{% endfor %}
{% for model in strs %}{{model}}{% endfor %}


assoc-in: yeah unfortunately, selmer leaves blank lines for tags, it's a limitation of how the buffer works


Okay thanks


I'm using the basic luminus template with clojurescript, deployed to heroku. Is there anything special I need to do to enable gzip for the compiled javascript file and art assets?


@puzzler how would you do it locally?


@codefinger I have no idea whether the local server automatically gzips or not. The reason I mention heroku is because the luminus website only talks about gzip in the context of nginx


@puzzler on heroku there is no nginx in front of your java server. (the heroku router does that work)


but i wonder if the static buildpack could be combine with a clojurescript app. it would put nginx infront and enables gzip by default


I work at heroku, but i'm really fuzzy on all the frontend/spa stuff


I believe the default server in luminus is immutant, so maybe there's an easy way to support gzip from immutant?