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@ballpark have you figured out a solution for authentication of your app?

Frank Henard16:02:25

Hi @gdeer81, I have not. Though I haven't been giving it my full attention. I did some more reading on Friday, and it still feels unclear. I am coming from mostly django experience where auth is a solved problem. I'm liking luminus because I like the decisions that it's making for me, however I feel that it (or perhaps clojure apps in general) is lacking in the answer for auth. I much appreciate any advice I can get!

Frank Henard17:02:31

I could use buddy's wrap-authentication with the session-backend, and then use wrap-access-rules to open up a /login route, and everything else go the the single page app perhaps under /. However, then it's no longer a single-page app, right? The token option seems to allow me to make it an SPA, but I don't get the access rule restriction with secretary routes, and I haven't yet seen a way to do that kind of conditional routing (like go to /#/login if not authorized) with secretary.


@ballpark take a look here for an example