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@actsasgeek I second the re-frame recommendation, but you should definitely grok the README.


fwiw, I use re-frame on Relevance, where the management UI is a single-page application:


In case you need more usage examples.


I’ve read the readme a few times. It’s very cool but it doesn’t quite entirely tell me what the best pattern for designing a SPA is. The limitation I see is that most SPA examples would be a single page in an MPA framework. “That’s great, but I’d just do a single page and AJAX in an MPA for that, too”. Additionally, you have the problem—already noted by people commenting on CQRS, event sourcing, microservices—that figuring out how that implicit network of messages and handlers works is non-trivial.


as for how re-frame works, I found this the other day which seemed good:


@actsasgeek Let’s do this… take a look at Relevance’s display.cljs. If you have any questions, ping me through the #re-frame channel. I might open source some Luminus-based experiments, partly so that people have more open source apps as reference, and knowing what the questions are would be useful.


The message flow on Relevance should be fairly evident, as the UI is straightforward.


You can also look at background.cljs, where I use re-frame for messaging without there being any visuals involved.


So that one’s pure message flow.